PEMCO International is a global supplier to leading architectural glass manufacturers. We offer both high-performance Porcelain Enamels and Glass Coatings formulated to satisfy a wide variety of industry requirements and tailored to suit highly automated manufacturing processes. One of our core values is to create long-term partnerships with our customers by providing reliable quality through operational excellence, and consistency of supply.

Practical and Pristine easy-to-clean Porcelain Enamels!

Our porcelain enamels are used by architects for functional and aesthetic purposes and provide a non-combustible surface that is UV, corrosion, and abrasion resistant, and designed for easy graffiti removal. When applied on steel substrates, these long-lasting properties make the best choice, and suitable for use on a variety of architectural surfaces.

Our coatings are designed with a durable finish, in a variety of colour options, making them a natural choice for metro stations, train stations, airports and hospitals worldwide. 

We are globally recognised for our high quality and tailor-made product solutions, facilitated by our world-class global technical service teams, who develop our porcelain enamels to perform within varying regional requirements for global architectural glass manufacturers. We offer various solution options for wet and dry application.

Durable and Decorative lead-free inorganic Glass Coatings!

Our on-glass lead-free coatings are designed specifically for decoration and obscuration, making our diversified product range the preferred choice for architects. Available in a myriad of colours and effects and suitable for use on a range of architectural applications.

All our glass coatings are high-quality and comply with appliance industry standards, such as good opacity for obscuration, optimal acid, alkali, and abrasion resistance properties for protection and decoration. We offer various solution options and colours either as powders or ready prepared in customer preferred medium systems for different application methods.

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