Glass Colouring Frits

PEMCO International is the supplier of choice for glass manufacturers operating colour forehearths to produce specialty colours. Our VitroLite® branded range of glass colouring frits are single oxide glass products which can be used individually, or mixed together to achieve desired colour blends. 

In-Glass Colouring Frits

VitroLite® glass frits are tailored to individual customers glass composition and designed for optimum performance within customer specific operating conditions. Our in-glass colouring frits are formulated by our technical team with extensive expertise and glass know-how offering high-quality coloration solutions for various container and holloware glass applications.

Our single oxide containing formulations can be matched or developed to meet a variety of different colours, tones, and shades offering a full colour range including, Blues, Greens, Blacks, Browns, Pinks, Purples, Violets, and special effects. In addition to coloration and aesthetic properties, our frits offer functional properties such as UV Protection required for food and beverage containers. 

Our glass colouring frits are high purity, redox controlled for colour and quality consistency and dust free, which supports the improvement of handling and operational safety. Our products are available in 25kg bags or bulk packaging to suit customer colour transportation systems into the colour forehearth feeder, and provides our customers the freedom to blend individual colour variations at the glass manufacturing plant to achieve desired final colour.

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