PEMCO International is a leading supplier to some of world’s most famous brand names in the cookware industry. We offer high-performance Porcelain Enamels formulated to satisfy a wide variety of industry requirements and tailored to suit highly automated manufacturing processes. One of our core values is to create long-term partnerships with our customers by providing reliable quality through operational excellence, and consistency of supply.

Functional and Fashionable high-performance Porcelain Enamels!

Our porcelain enamel coatings are staples to the cookware market. It is estimated at least 1kg of PEMCO porcelain enamel is in every kitchen! Our expansive range of products continue to demonstrate their capacity to resist corrosion from household cleaners, abrasion, and the wear and tear of daily handling and suitable for a variety of cookware metal substrates.

Our coatings are engineered to perform at the highest level to meet both aesthetic and functional demands of cookware manufacturers. Our enamels are easy to keep clean and bacteria resistant, keeping your cookware always looking showroom fresh, and fulfil all food contact safety regulations. Our expansive range of porcelain enamel finishes come in a wide range of sparkling colours and special effects that are custom designed for each manufacturer to ensure customer success through a positive reception in the marketplace.

Every year, our world-class global technical service teams work with industry colour experts to forecast consumer colour trends in advance of the market. This proactive approach to colour development allows our customers to always be on trend. Our porcelain enamels are developed to perform within varying regional requirements for cookware manufacturers and available in a variety of solution options for wet application.

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