Our Products

We have been expertly manufacturing Porcelain Enamels for over 100 years! Our expansive and diversified range of Glass Coatings, Metallurgical Glass and Forehearth Colourant products have also become global market leaders for a variety of end-market applications.


Porcelain Enamels

Our expansive range of high-quality porcelain enamels is a core competency of ours. We intertwine our world-class technical expertise with quality, reliability, and innovation to offer a complete range of porcelain enamel solutions for all our customers needs.

Glass Coatings

We are an established supplier of high-performance glass coatings. We specialise and supply an extensive range of lead and heavy metal free decorative and functional on-glass coatings for both traditional and digital application. 

Metallurgical Glass

We are committed to providing specialist refractory glazes and extrusion glass lubricant products that play a vital role in the performance of our customers end products fulfilling their strategic role in quality-critical industries in the aerospace, defence, oil and gas, energy, and power plant industries.

Forehearth Colourants

We focus our expertise on product design to create innovative solutions for the glass industry. We offer a full suite of colour technology for in-glass colouration utilising cutting-edge glass colouring frits and glass colouring concentrate solutions ahead of the competition.