Pigment Oxides

PEMCO International is a one-stop shop solution for all porcelain enamel products. We offer supplementary pigment oxides to be added to our porcelain enamel frits during milling to obtain the desired colour in a reproducible way.


We offer pigment oxides that have excellent covering power and resilient against high firing temperatures, and stable against the chemical reactions during the enamelling process, either in single or multiple firings. Almost all colours can be obtained using our frits in combination with calcined inorganic pigments. We offer a wide variety of pigments which are specially selected for their quality and superior properties and can be used either pure or in combination.

We offer a catalogue of formulations with our pigments to achieve the most common RAL and Pantone colours and our technical team are on hand to formulate special colours. Our technical knowledge and longevity in the enamel market enables us to develop formulations obtaining a full and homogeneous colour and ensure all batches are carefully controlled across all of our global facilities to provide our customers with the same consistent and reliable quality with each and every order. 

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