Vitreous Enamel Paste

PEMCO International is a one-stop shop solution for all porcelain enamel products. We offer supplementary decorative vitreous enamel pastes alongside our enamel frits and powders, milling additives and pigment oxides to provide a complete solution for all porcelain enamel product needs.

Vitreous Enamel Pastes

Our Vitromail® branded range of decorative pastes are used for decoration and brand recognition on enamelled surfaces. Vitromail® is finely milled pastes ground with oil or water-based mediums that can be applied to various enamelled surfaces, fired at slightly reduced temperatures compared to porcelain enamel firing and specially adapted for different application types.

We offer a colour palette of 22 standard pastes, which can be mixed to match a variety of colour preferences and our specialist team of technical experts are available to formulate special colours and desired finishes for the enamelled surface. 

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