Enamel Frits

PEMCO International has produced porcelain enamel frits for over 100 years. Our expansive range of high-quality frits includes ground coats as well as transparent, opaque, and white cover coat frits that are engineered to match desired colour, aspect, or effect, and available as either singular frits, or ready-to-mill frit mix blends.


Porcelain Enamel is a ceramic coating made up of minerals processed into glass and fused with metal at high temperatures to create a protective and decorative layer on the metal substrate. Our porcelain enamel frits are individually designed to address the complex variables of chemistry and end use application. Quality raw materials are blended and melted to create a frit technically adapted for various metal substrates and available in a variety of solution options for wet and dry applications.


Cast Iron


In addition to our core product range, we offer products with specialist properties for a variety of end-market applications including Appliances, Boilers & Hot Water Tanks, Cookware and Sanitaryware.

Our product range of frits offer a full colour suite of Blacks, Browns, Blues, Greys, Whites, Transparent, Opaque, Semi-opaque and Majolica, and available in glossy or matt surface finishes. Each of our frit products are subjected to intensive quality tests to further guarantee the reliability and consistency of each supplied batch.

Frit Mix – ready-to-mill

Our range of ready-to-mill frit mix products provides customers the added benefit of operational savings in the milling room, by removing the time it takes to blend frits together. Each frit mix product is customer specific and individually blended to address the complex variables of chemistry, colour, functionality and end use application. For many enamel applications, a blend of several frits is required to achieve the desired colour, properties, and surface finish. Our ready-to-mill frit mix products reliably and consistently control these variables, and are available in different solution options for wet and dry applications.

We offer frit mix in bulk packaging, in which the several frits of the customer specific formulation are accurately weighed and controlled into the big bags to provide the same quality, colour and consistency with each and every batch. Operators in the milling room can then simply empty the bags directly into the mill with the only additional requirement to add milling additives and pigments.

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