Digital Glass Enamel Paste

PEMCO International is at the forefront of innovation. We have leveraged our extensive knowledge of traditional enamel pastes to develop a digital range of products in conjunction with some of the world’s leading printer manufacturers specifically engineered for the automotive market.

Digital On-Glass Enamel Pastes

VitroInx® is our next generation and specialist range of glass enamels designed to be used in ink-jet digital printers for flat glass applications. VitroInx® branded digital glass enamels provides the automotive market with the next generation of products needed to keep pace with this fast-moving segment. We have successfully developed a high-quality range of digitally applied inks for the OEM and ARG (automotive replacement glass) market segments for a variety of applications.

Our digital glass enamels can be used in plotter mode printers or single-pass high speed versions capable of far exceeding traditional print speeds. Industry standard optical density and definition can be achieved at high speeds whilst maintaining the normal automotive inorganic specifications. 

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