Barbecues & Grills

PEMCO International is a global supplier some of the world’s most famous Barbecue and Grill manufacturers. We offer high-performance Porcelain Enamels formulated to satisfy a wide variety of industry requirements and tailored to suit highly automated manufacturing processes. One of our core values is to create long-term partnerships with our customers by providing reliable quality through operational excellence, and consistency of supply.

Vivacious and Vigorous high- performance Porcelain Enamels!

Our porcelain enamels are designed to the highest standards of food contact safety and meet both fashion and functional requirements of the barbecue market. The glossy or matt finish belies the tough and durable functionality of our coatings, which effortlessly withstand consistently high temperatures, suitable for a variety of barbecue and outdoor cookware appliances.

All our porcelain enamels provide essential protection against weather conditions with an easily cleanable surface. Our coatings are resistant to thermal shock, able to withstand high temperatures over long periods of time, scratch, and acid/alkali resistant and have superior resistance to bacteria growth compared with other finishes.

We are globally recognised for our high quality and tailor-made product solutions, facilitated by our world-class global technical service teams, who develop our porcelain enamels for the global barbecue market in multiple colours to meet regional colour demands, while maintaining the same durable and functional finish. We offer various solution options for wet and dry application.

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