Enamel Powders

PEMCO International specialises in the development of enamel powders for ground coats as well as direct-on cover coats engineered to match desired colour, aspect, or effect and properties. Our range of powders are available as powder for electrostatic dry application and as ready-to-use premix powders for wet application. 

Electrostatic ‘Poesta’ Powders

One of the most successful innovations in the porcelain enamelling industry has been the development and continued improvement of electrostatic powders. Our branded range of POESTA® electrostatic powders, formed as an acronym from POwder for ElectroSTatic Application are ready-to-use powders for dry electrostatic application, avoiding the use of water during application.

The advantages of electrostatic powders include automated application, excellent finish quality, and maximised utilisation of material. Furthermore, electrostatic powders reduce hazardous wastewater handling and costs, milling and drying energy costs and reduce labour and operational costs by eliminating the milling room and required set-up.

Our Poesta® powders are continuously improved in partnership with powder booth manufacturers, and we adapt our powder characteristics to fit with the latest application technologies, which are especially preferred by the Appliance market. Our direct-on Poesta® powders are available in a gloss or matt finish and offer a full range of colours including, Blacks, Blues, Browns, Greys, Whites, and various shades of light colours.

Premix – ready-to-use

Our premix products are pre-milled powders containing frits, pigments, and additives, ready to use for wet application. The use of premix products eliminates the need for costly milling equipment, by skipping the milling room altogether. The enamel slip is easily prepared by simply mixing the premix into water.

The advantages of our premix products include easier storage, less weight manipulations, less wastewater and lower energy costs. Our technical expertise and know-how allow us to tailor each formulation for optimum performance within customers operating conditions for different solution options.

We offer premix in various packaging options, including bulk packaging, small bags and drums for specialist applications, in which several frits of the customer specific formulation have been accurately weighed and controlled along with pigments and mill additives and expertly milled to provide the same quality, colour and consistency with each and every batch.

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