Water Heaters & Boilers

PEMCO International is a global supplier to some of the world’s largest Hot Water Tank, Storage Tank, and Boiler manufacturers. We offer high-performance Porcelain Enamels formulated to satisfy a wide variety of industry requirements and tailored to suit highly automated manufacturing processes.  One of our core values is to create long-term partnerships with our customers by providing reliable quality through operational excellence, and consistency of supply.

Protective and Prominent long-lasting Porcelain Enamels!

Our specially developed porcelain enamel coatings increase the lifetime guarantee of water heaters and boilers by protecting the inside of the steel tank against corrosion from the heated water. Our long-lasting enamels are suitable for both commercial and residential water heaters and boilers for a variety of applications.

We are globally recognised for our high quality and tailor-made product solutions, facilitated by our world-class global technical service teams, who develop our porcelain enamels to perform within varying regional requirements for global water heater manufacturers. We offer various solution options for wet and dry application. 

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