Extrusion Glass Lubricants

PEMCO International is a global leader in the production of extrusion glass lubricants for the extrusion industries. Utilising our industry expertise, we have designed a full range of extrusion glass powders and liquid coatings suitable for each specific customers operating conditions.

Powder Coatings

Our extrusion glass powders are designed to prevent oxidation and improve lubrication to minimize friction during the extrusion process of various types of metal alloys. 

Our range of extrusion specific powder coatings are designed to be applied on hot billet using spoon, rolling table and pad machine equipment.

Liquid Coatings

We offer a customised range of high-quality extrusion glass lubricant coatings for protection and prevention of oxidation. Our lubricant coatings for billet application by spray or brush, are suitable as protective coatings for alloys such as Titanium, Nickel, or Zirconium. 

Our range of glass lubricant coatings specifically designed for extrusion dies to minimise friction between billets and press containers are suitable for application by spray or brush at temperatures up to 450°C. 

Our Glass coatings for Titanium, Nickel or Zirconium billets are designed to prevent material from oxidation in the heating zone, ensuring in the same time lubrication during the hot extrusion process.

The lightweight and high temperature resistance of alloys used in aircraft construction, extruded with our lubricants, is just one example of how our products play a positive role in the extrusion industry. We partner with our customers and utilise our dedicated research team and high-tech laboratory resources to continuously innovate and meet our customers evolving needs and further expand our extrusion glass lubricant product ranges.

High quality is assured at all our manufacturing locations due to our rigorous adherence to quality control ISO9001 standards to all our smelting procedures. 

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