Refractory Glazes

PEMCO International has over 50 years experience producing glazes for the refractory market. We harness our technical know-how and powder production capabilities to provide tailor-made frits and powders specifically designed to perform within individual customer operating conditions. 


Glass frits are the base and main component of a refractory glaze, which forms a protective layer from oxidation and increases the durability of the refractory when exposed to high temperatures. Our frits are individually designed to address the complex variables of chemistry and end use application. 

Quality raw materials are blended and melted to create a frit technically adapted for various metal processing and available in different solution options for wet and dry applications.


In addition to glass frits, we offer high-quality glass powders, which are mixed with additives and water to form a glaze. Refractory producers for steel foundries and aluminium casters around the world apply our products by spraying, brushing or flow coating the slurry onto their refractory products.

We ensure the highest quality of our powder compositions is achieved through particle size distribution controls and specifically adapted for the end application.

Refractory Glaze for Foundries

Refractory Glazes for Continuous Casting

Quality control is rigorously applied throughout our production processes, starting from the analysis of the raw material through to the performance of our finished products. Chemical analysis, fusion flow, and thermal properties (HM) determined during frit smelting and particle size distribution is conducted on the finished glass powder.

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