Traditional Glass Enamel Paste

PEMCO International is at the forefront of the increasing priority to move towards more environmentally friendly, sustainable, and operational safety of products. As a result, lead-free Vitromail® glass coatings are designed to meet environmental and health and safety goals of our customers and consumer preferences.

Traditional On-Glass Enamel Pastes

Our lead-free Vitromail® branded range of glass enamel coatings are used for printing on container and holloware glass, and flat glass. Our functional and decorative coatings are suitable for widely used traditional applications including, screen printing, roller coating, curtain coating and spray coating. We offer an extensive range of high-quality glass coatings for functional and aesthetic purposes, available in various media and solutions to meet the needs of different application methods.

All our Vitromail® products are available in a variety of colours and surface effects, including a wide range of standard colours, etch, metallic and matt effects, and our technical team are on hand to custom formulate specialist colours and finishes.

Our expertise, world-class technicians and laboratory resources and long-standing history of supplying into prestige end markets provides assurance to our customers that all our products reliably and consistently meet rigorous quality standards. 

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